What Do Home Inspectors Look For?

What Do Home Inspectors Look For?

By Your Trusted Home inspector Annapolis MD

When buying a home, the most crucial thing is to ensure that you understand what you’re purchasing. Some people might say that the house looks good. But wouldn’t it be worth your peace of mind knowing that your newly bought home will be there for you and your family for years to come?

A home inspection is a non-invasive visual assessment of the home, reporting its current condition on the day of the inspection. The typical home inspection lasts between two to five hours, depending on the size, age, and condition of the property. A thorough home inspection offers you the understanding you need to make a confident and informed purchasing decision. Whether it is for informational purposes or to grant you the opportunity to request repair work from the seller, you will have a very good idea of what you’re buying.

What are some of the issues that home inspectors look for? 

Water Damage

Water accumulation can cause a host of issues that are red flags for the homebuyer. The home inspector will check the exterior and interior for water damage indications.  Signs of water damage can be discolorations on the ceiling or walls, or a musty odor can be a sign of mold growing in damp areas. The inspector will search for water concerns, such as a negative grade toward the house, standing water, faulty downspouts, and more.

Foundation Issues

Visible signs of a compromised home’s structural integrity may include cracks and gaps in basement walls, and between the walls and floors, uneven door frames, windows, and floors, nail pops in the walls, and gaps around window and door frames. The home inspector will report on the home’s foundation, explaining any issues, so you understand what you’re buying.

Roof Damage

With correct safety measures, the majority of home inspectors will walk the roof to look for  roofing problems. Others use drones to perform this task. The inspector will be looking for roof covering damages, deteriorated chimney flashing, plumbing vent leaks, leakages around the skylights, and loose gutters. These types of issues can also be found inside the attic and even moisture discoloration or staining the ceiling and walls. 

These are a few of the problems the home inspector will be looking for during the process. The home inspection is an essential step in the home buying process and worth the time and cost. You want to have comfort and confidence that you’re buying a secure investment for you and your family.

The inspector was extremely thorough, and at the end of the inspection, he explained his findings. The report even included some links to videos explaining how to fix some items. We’ve used a few home inspectors in the past, and this experience was far and away the best.

~Greg Rusk

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