Well Yield/Flow Testing

Well Water Yield/Flow Test

Well Yield Testing
3-Hour Yield Test

This more accurate, 3-hour test provides sufficient time to run through the reserve of the well to measure the actual amount of water falling into it from the ground.




Modified, 1-Hour Yield Test

This is a shorter, less accurate stress test. It gives the home buyer a high-level view of the overall performance of the well and pumping system but may not represent the true statistics of the well.




Baltimore County Regulated Well Yield Test

(Regulated 3–6-hour test)
Official yield tests for private water supplies must be performed under the direct supervision of a Master Well Driller or Pump Installer licensed by the Maryland State Board of Well Drillers, or a Master Plumber licensed by the Baltimore County Plumbing Board.

Report available in 24 hours.

A Well Yield Test is a timed test to determine how many gallons per minute a well system can produce. A Well Yield Test will show:

  • A functioning well pump and pressure tank
  • If a well is running dry or lacks sufficient recuperation
  • The reserve amount sitting in the well
  • If home buyers would need to stretch the time between running water for showers, laundry, dishwasher, car washing, etc.

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