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Structural Inspection

home inspector Annapolis MDWhen do I Need a Structural Inspection?

If you are aiming to buy an older home or a fixer-upper, a structural inspection may be necessary to discover the structural stability of the building. In this short article, we discuss what goes into a structural assessment and whether you might require one.

What is a Structural Inspection?

A structural inspection is a complete overview reporting on the condition and building methods used for the structural stability of a property, which recognizes any repair work that you would potentially be required to do.

Purchasers who commission inspections typically get a comprehensive Home Inspection report of up to 20 or 30 pages. They are most common for older residential or commercial properties that need repair work or for significant restorations or extensions to existing properties. The licensed Home Inspector will also be able to determine if a specialist, such as a structural engineer, is required.

Stand Alone General and Specific Structural Inspections – What’s the Difference?

A structural inspection can be divided into two categories: a stand-alone general structural inspection or a specific structural evaluation of a property. The previous is typically performed by a Licensed Professional Inspector who evaluates the structure of properties daily. This is part of what is included in a full Home Inspection.

These are general structural inspections focusing on the stability of foundations, walls, roofing systems, and other aspects of the physical construct of the home and are useful for prospective homebuyers who want to recondition a house completely or add an addition.

A specific structural inspection, by contrast, looks at specific potential structural issues of a home and makes suggestions around those problems. A specific structural inspection focuses on assessing particular defects or concerns. This commonly consists of localized cracking, dampness or condensation, roofing defects, and the like.

When do I Need a Structural Inspection?

You will almost certainly gain from a structural inspection if you plan on any house improvement that would involve changing the structure of your home.

Anything from re-roofing to chimney removal to demolishing interior walls must have a structural inspection. Often a structural inspection will be required to abide by building guidelines — a Licensed Home Inspector will evaluate and inform you if a specific contractor or structural engineer is required for further evaluation. 

Likewise, a structural inspection is worth undertaking if there is a particular problem you note with your home’s structure. For example, if you notice cracks appearing around a wall’s window frame, you might wish to schedule a specific structural inspection to have a professional look at that issue with the home. This is when the experience and education of the inspector are crucial. At Dynamic Home Inspections Inc., we have an intensive educational program that all inspectors must complete.

Finally, a general structural inspection of the home might be worth considering in case of flood, fire, or subsidence damage. Typically, a Licensed Home Inspector offers this service, providing you with a schedule of works and the general work done as part of a residential or commercial property. The Licensed Home Inspector can often inform you if the property will have issues getting insurance. A structural inspection is a professional opinion as regards whether the home is structurally sound.

A structural home inspection is not a code compliance inspection– it should not be taken as a total and final validation of a property’s current condition.

Such an evaluation would be a practical impossibility since it depends on many things that cannot be seen, as well as the status of codes applied at the time of the property’s construction. 

A structural inspection also does not assess or check hazardous materials or areas of a home. Unless a hazardous material is obvious, a Structural Inspection is not an extensive inspection for property threats, and other services would be required.

As a rule of thumb, if a home is so damaged that you are unsure its structure is sound, you must get a structural inspection. If you have more general concerns with the property, a General Home Inspection is required. If you are still uncertain whether you require the aid of a Professional Home Inspector within 45 miles of Annapolis, MD, get in touch with us, and we at Dynamic Home Inspections Inc. will be more than happy to assist. We have pros with a wide range of understanding and competence for any support you need.

Structural Inspection and a General Home Inspection – What’s the Difference?

It ought to be kept in mind that a structural inspection is only a portion of what is included in a Home Inspection. A General Home Inspection is the most typical for buying a home, including an Inspector evaluating the whole house covering the Structure, the Roofing, Plumbing, Electrical, Heating, and Cooling units, and the gas service, among others. A Stand-Alone Structural Inspection is distinct because it looks specifically at the structure of a home and not the other items which can save you money if that is the only concern. However, a General Home Inspection provides much more information, allowing you to make an informed decision.

How much is a Structural Inspection?

Typical expenses for a general structural inspection can vary anywhere from $250 (for small dwellings) or more (for Large-sized Homes or more detailed inspections) upon request. The pricing is based on the house’s location, size, and age. The Licensed Home Inspector can inform you whether any specialist is needed when inspecting the property. For example, an older home may require a structural engineer specializing in homes of that age.

Selecting a Structural Engineer

If recommended by your Home Inspector, that s portion of the structure needs further evaluation by a specialist. When choosing a structural engineer, you must hire a member of the Institution of Structural Engineers (IStructE) or the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE). These organizations have rigorous entry rules that require all members to provide accurate and excellent quality work with every task. A chartered member is particularly one who has demonstrated high quality and experience in their role.

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