Post-Closing Inspection Annapolis MD

Post-Closing Inspection

home inspector Annapolis MD - post closingHello New Home Owner – Congratulations on your new home!

My question is, did you skip the home inspection during your home-buying process just to get your dream home?

Are you now finding Safety Issues, Structural or Aesthetic Damage? Is your dream home now a Money Pit?

We’re here to help! Dynamic Home Inspections, Inc has seen many home sales in Annapolis and the surrounding area close without a home inspection just so the buyer could close the sale. As you now know, the home inspection is very critical, especially for “as-is” properties, because there could have issues that just don’t show. These problems could be covered up or working properly but at the end of their life expectancy. Unfortunately, we’ve seen homebuyers skip this important process just to secure their dream home. If this is your case, we highly recommend that you Schedule Your Post-Closing Home Inspection Today!!

This Post Closing Home Inspection will allow you to determine your newly purchased home’s overall condition, including its safety, function, and structural soundness. Although you most likely will not be able to go back to the seller for any repair requests, it is still important for you to know if any issues need to be addressed, especially when it involves safety, function, and structure.

If you bought your home without a home inspection, please accept the  $50-Off. If you already had your home inspected, Congratulations! Please pass this very special offer to a family or, friend, or co-worker who may have purchased their home without a home inspection.

Thank you, and we hope that you enjoy your new home.

Dynamic Home Inspections, Inc.


Schedule Your Home Inspector Serving Baltimore, MD, And The Annapolis Metropolitan Area!

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home inspector Annapolis MD Annapolis, MD is a great coastal town with some of the best seafood on the Atlantic. Among the great mix of opportunities you would discover in Annapolis, MD, and its surrounding areas, it is no surprise why over 39,000 locals call it their home. Annapolis also made its way to the list of some of the best sailing capitals in the world.

In making your most treasured investment where ensured complete satisfaction and peace of mind can be obtained for years, Dynamic Home Inspections, Inc. is here to help make your home purchase an informed and most confident one. 

Instead of purchasing a house outright, putting your hard-earned money at the risk of running into monetary problems down the road, Dynamic Home Inspections, Inc. offers home inspection services that grant home buyers the information they need to make their most confident buying choice. 

The team of pros – licensed and insured home inspectors of Dynamic Home Inspections, Inc. carries out with distinct levels of professionalism, utmost care, and attention to detail. Our services also include New Construction Inspections, Walk and Talk Consultations, 11th Month Builders Warranty, Radon Inspection, Mold Inspection, Sewer Scope Inspection, Structural, Electrical, Plumbing Inspections, and more. Serving home buyers and property owners in Annapolis, MD, and surrounding areas, our home inspection services have been sought for by several satisfied clients for years.

Call 410-989-8377 Today to Schedule Home Inspection Annapolis MD Online 24/7 Right From Our Website.

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